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Summer Sabbatical – Sorry!

There is no podcast this week due to an unexpected dose of life happening.
Sincerest apologies to our listeners who were hoping for some Haggy diatribes, obsessions, and a bit of fashion talk (I guess).

Don’t fret, we’ll be back on schedule in no time!

To hold you over, take a gander at this collection of photos (courtesy of Trendland) of 1970’s beach life in Rio and either:
a) be inspired and/or horrified by its sexiness
b) be thankful you aren’t there in the blistering heat
c) wish your beach bod was a little more “Rio”
d) all of the above




Find the full collection here.

Until next time!

The Fashion Hags



Podcast Episodes

Episode 21: Swimwear Designer Lisa Siperko!

In this episode we welcome a lovely guest, local designer Lisa Siperko of Siperko Swim! We are very excited to chat with her about her new line, designing in Vancouver, and a wealth of other tangents we bumble into.


siperko swim.png

But first!

Abby has some exciting news! She and her husband Dave are expecting their second baby! We are all terribly excited to welcome a new Hag to the team.
PS- Katie and Evan have known this big fat secret for ages and will certainly rub it in…


There are three Shumkas floating in this donut!


Evan’s dreams came true and he made it to the Adele concert here in Vancouver and cried basically from start to finish (as if there was any doubt).


A video posted by evndchrm (@evndchrm) on


And our Prime Minister’s wife Sophie Gregoire’s outfit for Pride was OD FIRE. Made my Canadian designer Aleks Susak.

Vancouver Pride Parade 20160731

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau along with his wife Sophie Gregoire Trudeau and kids Hadrien, Ella Grace and Xavier take part in the Pride Parade in downtown Vancouver, B.C., Sunday, July, 31, 2016. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jonathan Hayward


Katie has been upping her Dip Count on her Dip List by dipping in as many lakes and beaches as possible. If you can beat 4 dips in 1 day, you’ll be beating the record and frankly you are doing summer right.

dip count.png

Mystery Lake at Mount Seymour near Vancouver


Our special guest Lisa has been slaving over her new line of swimwear and figuring out all the nitty gritty behind-the-scenes details that go into launching a small business and online presence. She shares with us her design process and how she came to land on swimwear as well as some obstacles she’s encountered along the way, including the difficulties of producing a collection in Vancouver.

Check out her collection at and start shopping! Here’s an overview:

Bib Top

Triangle Top

Boycut Bikini Bottoms


Cayman One Piece (Katie’s personal favourite)


Classic One Piece 


Lattice One Piece


Swimwear is a different battle in a lot of ways because it requires a more specialized type of fabric as well as specialized tools, machines, and techniques that don’t apply to other areas of the fashion industry. It’s been a lot of work and after about a year of development, Lisa’s line is launched and ready to rock the beach!

Follow Lisa’s amazing instagram @siperkoswim (here’s a taste – so beachy and summery!)

siperko insta.png

and check out her facebook page to keep updated!

Lisa’s talents do not end at swimwear design – she also designs the prints she uses in her collections. Say what?

Popsicles, anyone?

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 1.23.26 PM

Palm leaves, anyone?

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 1.25.11 PM.png

Yes please.



Evan has been recovering from Pride and can only think about the food that will help put his life back together. He is finding a way with Meet, a Vegan/Vegetarian restaurant in Vancouver that makes the best effing fries around. This poutine has been instrumental in his health and well-being:


Abby bought herself a fancy new nightshirt (that may or may not be used as a night shirt) from Montreal’s The Sleep ShirtThis is a rad company that makes gorgeous high-end sleepwear that makes you feel like a fucking queen going to bed. Or to the couch. Or to the grocery store.

Thanks to a new cable subscription, Lisa is obsessed with My So-Called Life, that lovely 90’s throwback that is a direct reflection of everything in fashion today (insert eyeroll emoji).




Katie (and the rest of the Hags) are obsessed with Stranger Things on Netflix because it is just delightfully spooky scary. If you haven’t seen it yet, why? and if you have, you’ll understand why it is a must-watch even if you don’t love it as much as the Hags did. It’ll remind you of those films you watched as a kid that kept you up at night for really reals.

With a title font like this


and a poster (by Kyle Lambert) like this


you know it’s gonna be good.

Thanks for listening! And thanks to Lisa for being such a fun guest!
Don’t forget to check out her website at and give her a follow on instagram @siperkoswim and on facebook.

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20 Kate fur snuggie
Podcast Episodes

Episode 20: Fashion’s hot and cold relationship with Copyright Law

The Fashion Hags are back for our 20th episode, as sassy, tangent ridden, and foul mouthed as ever! This weeks topic is Fashion’s odd relationship with Copyright Law, listen to the Hags discuss below:



Right off the top we remember to get to our Worn Stories and share one from a listener too!

Katie regales us with a tale involving her sister, a coyote, and her sassy Aunt’s fur coat that she was lucky enough to inherit.

The coyote was no match for Katie’s aunt (allegedly).

Evan reminisces about his time spent in Northern France, where he fell in love with and left behind a beautiful WWII era military jacket. Fast forward a few years later and he finds a very similar version in Vancouver’s now defunct Deluxe Junk.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 7.30.39 PM.png

A major TBT featuring the surrogate jacket from Deluxe Junk. The signature RBF is ever present.

Abby’s favourite sneakers have seen many bands over the years. Thanks Vision Streetwear!


Abby’s Aunt Sheila gifted these sneakers to her after a trip to Bangkok, several years before Evan was born.

Our topic this episode is the tenuous relationship between fashion design and copyright law. Did you know that here in North America you can’t copyright or trademark a specific design or design element on a garment? Europe has different laws but have the same result – which can lead to knock off and companies copying each other. But is that a bad thing?

A TedTalk by Johanna Blakley acts as our main resource for the topic; Super insightful and choc-a-bloc with information. Check it out here:

We mention the famous court battle Christian Louboutin VS. Yves Saint Laurent and The Case of the Red Sole. Read all about it at

Below are some links to other fashion copyright cases and snafus, give ’em a click and wince at the blatant “CTRL+C” mess of it all. Thanks to The Fashion Law, Fashionista, and The Business of Fashion for the hookup!

And now! Obsessions!

Look no further because Katie has found the perfect summer beverage: Broken Ladder Cider from BC Tree Fruits Cider Co. Crisp, cool, and refreshing for those days on the beach.

Evan takes us on the wild ride that is Joanne The Scammer. Created by Instagram personality Branden Miller, Joanne is the expert on all things forgery, fraud, and drama. As Evan’s choppy explanation shows, Joanne needs to be experienced to be understood. Do yourselves a favour and check it out at @iambranden on Instagram and @joanneprada on Twitter.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 7.27.03 PM

Abby’s taste for phone cases are nothing if not consistent. This is the one she she keeps buying, by artist Brandon Bird.

Screen shot 2016-07-26 at 2.28.49 PMAnd some more of Abby’s favourites for your viewing pleasure.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Remember: keep your pants on, it’s only fashion.

Podcast Episodes

Episode 19: Craftsmanship and High Artistry in Couture – Can it last?



In this episode the Hags do their best to tackle the heartbreaking closures and dwindling resources for handmade quality, unique artistry, and extreme craftsmanship of high couture. Can it last in the changing world of fast fashion? We hope so.

Continue reading

Podcast Episodes

Episode 18 – How Do I Find My “Personal Style”?




Katie is yet again heading out on an adventure with her handsome manfriend who is now her handsome husband; but is having a diffucult time finding the perfect poncho for boating in the rain. Also the saga of The Bigggs vs. Building Managers continues with a tale of mistaken identity involving an illegal table and security camera footage (Let it be known KG would never do a ponytail/leggins as pants combo, honey.) ROLL THE TAPE, BITCH.


Really cute and functional but also really expensive.

Evan is preparing for a trip to Seattle for Pride weekend. Cute looks, good drinks, and kissing boys is the bulk of the itinerary. We also lament the commercialization of Pride festivities around the world, Vancouver’s weird Pride parade route, and why Parades are on Sundays (we all know Sunday’s are for church and hangovers.)


The Vancouver Pride Parade

Abby has nothing to report in her personal life but is super bummed about the news of Bill Cunningham’s decline in health (and since we recorded, his passing). His influence and personality will be sorely missed; there is a huge void in NYC fashion that will probably never be filled.


Please watch Bill Cunningham New York and learn all about him, his life and his work.  It’s currently available on iTunes and Hulu. Also check out the treasure trove that is On The Street with Bill Cunningham here!

This weeks topic is Personal Style. What came first? The Sartorialist or the push for individuality? Personal style is a very personal choice that we all struggle with because there are so many factors at play. In order to get a handle on things, Katie took a Style Personality quiz on New York Magazine’s The Cut which came up with some pretty surprising results. Take the quiz here but don’t take it too seriously.

What do you love about your personal style? What do you struggle with most?


Katie can’t stop swooning over Butch Wax Vintage – they also have an Etsy and Instagram to check out. Owner Amanda Suter – who also models the looks – curates an amazing collection of midcentury clothing and accessories as well as all sorts of fantastic images, inspiration and style icons to make any appreciator drool… Here are some highlights from her feed but you really need to have a good long scroll for yourself.


Evan has a book he just cant put down – Worn Stories by Emily Spivak. It’s a series of  short essays from writers, actors, athletes, designers and other influencers about an item in their wardrobe that holds a very special meaning or memory for them. Includes stories from John Hodgeman, Greta Gerwig, Cynthia Rowley, Roseanne Cash and Marcus Samuelsson. Sweet stories about how much people love their clothes?! YES PLS!!!

The website has added more stories than the ones you can find in the book. Please let us know about an item that holds a special place in your heart! We love this shit!



Abby has watched every episode of Viceland’s States of Undress – Model “Hailey Gates explores global fashion and issues the industry often ignores, showing us what the world wears, and why.” Fascinating stuff!


You can watch all 6 episodes HERE. One of the best moments comes in the Russia episode where Hailey is shown a picture of herself in a Miu Miu add as a “don’t” for finding a Russian husband!


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Remember: keep your pants on, it’s only fashion.

Podcast Episodes

Episode 17: Menswear!

The Hags are back on track this week and ready to spill the tea on Menswear! As a major element of the fashion industry, it’s about time we take a look at how the other half live with a meandering look at the history of menswear, what we love about it, and what direction we see things going. This one’s for the boys.




But first!

Katie finished a bag five years in the making! Fucking finally.
Made of leather and waxed canvas, this Swiss alpine mountaineering pack is ready for beaches, bike rides, beer runs, and maybe a hike or two.



Evan has been investigating his ancestry and finding all kinds of cool bits of information about his Metis and European heritage. SO COOL. If you are interested, check out (or in Canada) or just watch Who Do You Think You Are, which is totally fascinating (and addicting).

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 2.03.16 PM.png

Abby is on a roll and made a lovely outfit for an upcoming wedding – a bright(ish), geometric(ish) top and high-waisted skirt that feels so good to check off the list.

Made myself a #haydentop from @seamworkmag instead of doing chores today 🤗🤗🤗

A photo posted by Abby Shumka (@abbyshumka) on



Now for the fun stuff: Menswear!

Menswear is all about details and all about basics, at least historically. The traditional three piece suit (in which the pants, jacket, and vest were all made of the same fabric – revolutionary!) has been around since the 1850’s and remain basically unchanged in silhouette.


The Survey of Historic Costume is a great resource for fashion history and although it weighs 1200 pounds, it is a super interesting read (and page flipper).


Poulaines – these freaky shoes that monk Orderis Vitalis had such a problem with, as well as those sinful “effeminates”.


Much of fashion history (not just menswear) has to do with economic prosperity, wars, technological advancements, and industrial progress. Clothing is a part of culture and changes as cultures change. Trends were no different a thousand years ago in terms of adoption and dissemination, only now they happen much faster because of our economic and technological models that drive them. These dumb shoes were a big deal at one point!

Edward VIII was a major fashion influencer (and mega-babe) in the 1930’s when he scandalously abdicated the throne in order to marry Wallis Simpson, an (gasp!) American divorcee. His contribution to menswear and trends is still present.


double-breasted suit jacket




mixing prints!


Plus Fours and mixed prints! and maybe a brown shoe!

That dumb movie Evan and Abby were swooning over (well, the dress at least), called W.E.

The striped dress that prompted the paper-bag breathing:


A close-up of Prince of Wales plaid (aka Glen plaid):


So many hats.


Peacock Revolution in the late 1960’s/early 1970’s (also google it for some amazing images that someone in your family wore when they were your age):


Levi Strauss and the blue jean changed workwear and eventually casual wear for men (and later women) way back during the gold rush. You literally have him to thank for the jeans you are almost certainly wearing right now.


Also watch this great documentary about jeans on M2M called Jeans: A Faded Blue Planet if you are into that kind of thing.

Western clothing, and particularly western shirts, are a pretty great example of distinctly American fashion for men, and they are very flamboyant at times and very stylish in their own right.


Evan’s relationship with menswear is different from Abby and Katie’s (obviously, he is a dude) but is also quite outside the formal traditions of menswear (he looks damn good in a skirt…) despite the book he was given when he was young about how to properly dress like a man.

Modern menswear has taken a turn away from the traditional “suit” and man’s man kind of apparel, thanks in part to Raf Simons and Rick Owens since the early 2000’s.


menswear 2015 left to right: Dior Homme, Kris Van Assche, Raf Simons, Valentino. Image from

Evan at graduation, having a sartorial breakdown:


To wrap it up, Canadian RCMP (Mounties) will always be fucking fabulous.


Abby is astonished that she didn’t know of Belgian artist Walter Von Beirendonck and his Ikea collaboration, including this rug, as well as a whole pile of his other works that are equally as rad/weird:


Check out his work on as well as his various artistic works on his website.

Evan is obsessed with She-Bowie Tilda Swinton’s new movie, A Bigger Splash, for obvious reasons. Perfect summer film with beautiful clothes and beautiful people.

Matthias Schoenaerts is very attractive:


And Dakota Johnson is a very pretty lady:


Katie is obsessed with all things Queen and Freddie Mercury after watching this 2-part documentary, The Days Of Our Lives, about the band and how fucking amazing they are:

Queen and the musical legacy they have left always seemed like a good resource for acceptance, joy, and love, no matter who or where you are. In light of the obscene and tragic events in Orlando, and with Pride celebrations all over the place this month, we hope that you find love, peace, and joy with yourself and those in your community who need it.
And if Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now isn’t the perfect anthem for love, joy, and celebration this week, I don’t know what is.


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Remember: keep your pants on, it’s only fashion.

16 naomi innovation
Podcast Episodes

Episode 16: What is a trend and how do they happen?

How does a given item all of the a sudden show up everywhere? Who decides that cerulean is the “it” color of the season? WHO CAN WE COMPLAIN TO ABOUT CROP TOPS COMING BACK? This week we talk about how trends pop up, proliferate and die.




Poor, darling Evan. So tired. Still love him tho.



Abby Went to see The Cure at the people watching was BEYOND amazing. The teenager protesting by reading was the best part. Oh, and the band was great too.


Katie also went to a concert; she went to see the supremely talented Krystle Dos Santos. And word to the less-than-wise: PUT YOUR GD PHONES AWAY AND ENJOY THE SHOW.


Now! On to the rest!

The best way to illustrate how fashion trends happen is this little scene from The Devil Wears Prada


Here is the article Abby is referencing – How Do Trends Happen? by Jonathan Openshaw from Mr. Porter. The DOI theory is crucial for tracking many aspects of society but applying it to fashion trends can really help outline who chooses the next cool thing and how it then spreads throughout populations, and how they taper off when the novelty is gone.


DOI (Diffusion of Innovation) Graph


1 – INNOVATORS: Brand new, game changing ideas from outside the box like Dior’s “New Look” and Yves Saint Laurent’s “Le Smoking”.


2 – EARLY ADOPTERS: Who spot those new ideas and then make them their own, giving the world the first view of a new “cool” thing, like Hedi Slimane did in the mid 2000s with the “Slim” cut for Dior Homme that he saw in London’s music scene. That shit is everywhere now.



3 – EARLY MAJORITY: Now comes the mass media dissemination. Openshaw uses the example of a single community of thousands exploding with a particular look/theme, like the bearded-plaid-fixie-bike-lover of Williamsburg back in 2010. Suddenly, they ALL had the same thing going on.


Back in 2010, this guy was cool. Now he’s a dillweed.


4 – LATE MAJORITY: This group needs a lot of reassurance to get on board with a new trend. Seeing it in select publications and people who have their fingers on the pulse can make them feel ok with trying a new item. Quite often this is the “MUST HAVE” or “IT” item you’ll see in magazines, style blogs and tv show. There are a large number of designer handbags that become popular in here like the LV Multicolor Monogram Speedy, Chloe Paddington, Fendi Baguette, Balenciaga City Bag and the Mulberry Bayswater. Now knock offs are widespread too.

it bags past


5 – LAGGARDS: Trends fire up and then die out, it’s just a matter of time. Low rise jeans were ubiquitous for a while and now the 1″ fly is hard to find (thank GOD, my muffin tops thank the trends gods). Some go fast, some slowly. Some would argue the “hipster” is on it’s way out.


Will the manbun go bye bye? A lot are praying it does.

Current Obsessions!

These Paro Deez videos are keeping Evan’s  spirit alive. Need a catty pick-me-up? Check this one out –


And you can never have enough baby bulldog videos!


Oh and this one has brought us so much joy over the years –


Katie is making everyone hungry by talking about Cooked on Netflix. Only four episodes, you can do that, right? Just be sure to have snacks on hand so you don’t go insane.


Abby is spending way too much time online looking at pictures from the show Outlander because the costumes are way intense and beautiful. Think like Game of Thrones level but they combine 18th century clothing with 20th century runway designs. Check out the costume designer Terry Dresbach’s website for so so so so many images from the show and from her inspiration. Some of Abby’s favourite looks here –

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Remember that “New Look” picture you saw farther up in this post? WELL CHECK THIS SHIT OUT!

outlander new look



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